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Prevent Accidents - Use E-Zee Lockouts!

Locking out control points before equipment is serviced is an important part of a workplace safety program. Unlike other lockout devices, the E-Zee Lockout makes it possible to select the right length of cable for the job. It’s unique design helps ensure that switches and valves are locked down tight, which provides a more secure restraint, preventing accidental activation of the energy source.
E-Zee Lockouts are designed for use in tough industrial environments.

E-Zee Lockouts can be used to lock out:

  • Electricity supply
  • Gas or liquid supply
  • Hydraulic/pneumatic supply
  • Kinetic energy (moving machinery)
  • Potential energy (stored energy)
  • Steam or compressed air line
  • Large & small gate valves
  • They can also be used on stored or residual energy such as that in capacitors, springs, elevated machine members, rotating flywheels and, hydraulic systems.
  • They can be used to secure items such as mailbags, food carts, containers, lock ring drums, fire doors, bulk containers, truck trailers doors, and even remote oilfield lease site gates.
  • They are used to secure petroleum tank cars and other hazardous loads.
  • E-Zee lockouts are strong enough that they never vibrate loose nor will they break even in the toughest of conditions including extreme cold temperatures.
  • Positive numbering system assures that your secure load will arrive locked and secure.
  • Free Sample on Request.

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